We help visionary digital or physical projects succeed by combining hands-on experience with design, business, culture, technology and marketing.

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Strategic design

Conceptualise, design and build anything from a building, organisation or digital platform, qualified by stakeholder and user research.

Market development

Develop new opportunities and collaborations through lead generation, or gain positioning insights through market research and synthesis.

Research and development

Potential analysis, data collection, product design, product validation, product revision, product trials, data analysis and reporting.

“At the cutting edge of contemporary culture platform development.” Kind words about Falstadsenteret.

Gudmund Hernes

Minister of Education and Research in Norway (formerly)

“Clearly, it resonates with city council’s vision for quality public discourse.” Kind words about Torshov Library.

Abdullah Alsabeehg

Deputy Mayor of Oslo

Kinbo Real Estate Technologies

Founders of an open marketplace for making modern real estate more human, inspiring and accessible.

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Develop business collaborations toward a service offering aimed at reducing emissions.

Falstad Human Right Centre

Shape a museum focused on engaging people on their own terms through direct dialogue with scientists, politicians and storytellers.

1,5 Law Firm

Brand a renewable energy law firm that works exclusively with clients who have sustainability at the heart of their business.

Torshov Library

Transforming Oslo’s oldest library into a bright, open workspace driven by a strong community ownership.


Supporting Norsteam in its mission to connect Norwegian ressources to solve challenges of the future.

Lucas Philip

Business development, strategic design, city planning, market cultivation.

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Oliver Thomas

Organisational development, strategic design, growth marketing, product development.

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