A little wordplay on dōjō

A dōjō is an immersive learning space, literally meaning the place of the way. This is our mantra in designing principles first to allow effective teamwork in developing great culture platforms.

Lucas is a designer, team leader, business developer and architect MAA RIBA 2. He has working experience in strategic competition architecture, team facilitation, project coordination, proptech and B2B market development. Send email to Lucas.

Oliver Thomas is a designer, team leader, vision developer and architect MAA RIBA 2. He has working experience in innovation culture, user experience design, team facilitation, organisational development, america’s cup and proptech. Send email to Oliver.

We define principles for design and business. Because a platform with impact will grow, even after the opening.

We aim to challenge conventional project development processes. Our work motivates people and stakeholders by developing methods and content on par with design to not only create long term impact, but also be able to handle change more effectively. We just happen to love working within architecture, technology, team facilitation and business research.

Our network is our greatest asset in developing projects, and we would like to express our gratitude to a key supporter and collaborator, Carle Lange, who’s helped make things happen. He is a civil architect and was formerly the lead professor of scenography at Oslo National Academy of the Arts. He has taken a more peripheral role now, but is still actively guiding many of the cultural aspects within our work. A key ressource.