Falstad Human Rights Centre

Creating an innovative human rights and dialogue centre driven by direct interaction with historians, politicians, archeologists, storytellers and researchers because incentivising people to become life long learners is the future of education.

Built 2016–2020 Concept Developer and Interior Architect

“At the cutting edge of contemporary culture platform development.” Gudmund Hernes, former Norwegian Minister of Education and Research.

Incentivising people to become life long learners is the future of education and incentivising youth to pursue new ideas, big and small. This principle requires time to implement and utilise for great impact. Therefore we must give people time. Time to reflect, think, learn and talk to each other. Time to exchange knowledge and thought.

By rethinking the museum business model we’ve been part of creating a new culture platform that aims to grow our sense of ownership over our democratic society, history and personal lives by exposing people to each other, and letting people explore historic material on their own terms guided by experts and quality dialogue.

In practice our platform invests in people and in-house experts rather than exhibition screens and posters. Here we enable direct interaction with historians, politicians, archeologists, storytellers and researchers. With strong principles as a foundation for the project, we’ve transformed the house, which was part of a large concentration camp in Trøndelag, into an honest and warm place that maximises people’s desire to “hang out”, and therefore chance of discourse and willingness to explore.

The project is a joint venture between Falstadsenteret, Statsbygg, Jensen & Skodvin Architects and Doyo Group, where we have been primary vision developers for the project’s culture and community through art and user workshop events, business model research and design. Additionally we acted as interior architects on executing version 1 of the end product. There are many plans for the future of this platform.

An official opening will be announced in early 2021, however, we we’re all honoured by the visit of Haakon, Crown Prince of Norway for a pre-opening in October 2020. We’re pleased to see so much public interest in pursuing new ideas about culture and education.

More info coming in 2021.